Jon Maloney

Jon Maloney

I am a former computer systems analyst. I now spend my time selling items on ebay, trading stocks, and maintaining this web site. My interests include: reading, computers, animals, personal freedom, movies, amateur photography, astral projection, word humor, strange phenomena, ebay, and lotteries. I'll expand a bit on the two interests that might seem unusual -- astral projection and lotteries.

I first became interested in astral projection when I was a teenager. Since that time my experiences have been mostly limited to several brief, poorly-recalled projections each year. However, every few years I experience a vivid, intense projection that revitalizes my interest in the subject. Astral projection is also known as an out-of-body experience, obe, oobe, astral travel, spirit travel, soul travel, and other terms. Click here to see a list of my books and tapes on astral projection, with recommendations.

I play the lottery because I long for the freedom that financial independence would provide. I also enjoy the charitable aspects of buying lottery tickets. My purchases provide additional income for the school system, plus they help someone become a millionaire almost every week. That makes me feel good. I think a process that lets one person a week achieve financial freedom is a process worth supporting. Although I haven't won yet, at least my contribution increases the jackpot received by whoever does win. Some people object to the lottery as another tax. Yet it's a tax that the citizenry loves to pay; demands to pay. Each participant buys a little hope, the state obtains substantial education funds, and someone wins in spite of outrageous odds. It's even voluntary. If some people are against lotteries for religious or social reasons, they don't have to participate. And those people can even benefit from better schools without contributing anything. Everyone wins.

I'll devote the rest of this page to what really defines me -- my values.

Honesty and Communication
Think how much better the world would be if people communicated openly and honestly: country-country, government-citizen, doctor-patient, teacher-student, husband-wife, parent-child, employer-employee, salesperson-customer, etc.

There are a lot of greedy, selfish, discourteous people in the world. The me-first mentality predominates. I try to follow the golden rule, which simply means I try to treat other people as I would like to be treated. And I try to avoid treating others in ways that I dislike being treated. Altering your behavior to be courteous is difficult at first. However, with practice it comes naturally. Remember the golden rule the next time you: pull out into traffic forcing other drivers to apply their brakes, speak negatively of someone, write a check in the cash-only express lane at a store, deny responsibility by blaming someone else, or perform any other discourteous act. Thanks.

Free Thought
I reject dogma and mindless conformity to anything. Conformity is fine, but it should be a choice rather than a reflex.

Love and commitment among family members is important. A loving family provides the security and support conducive to forming a responsible adult. Success in life is more difficult without strong family relationships.

Personal Liberty and Personal Responsibility
People should be allowed to think and act for themselves without contending with thousands of governmental rules and regulations. People should have more freedom as well as the accountability that comes with freedom. Politicians and the media still refer to people in the United States as free. I can't help but wonder how many hundreds of thousands of laws, rules, and regulations it will take before those people no longer feel free.

Small Government
Our government is far too large, spends far too much money, and has far too much power. I'd like to see the role of the federal government restricted to protecting the country from outside threats and to enforcing a few federal laws. Other functions that the federal government currently attempts to perform should be addressed at the private or state level. The federal government is often expected to solve society's problems. It can't. The most frequent result is greater expense, more laws, and more bureaucracy to administer the flawed solution. The original problem is not solved and new problems are created.

If you've read this far I'm impressed. You must have found some of what I said interesting. Click here if you would like to read a page of things I consider problems and irritants. Please let me know if you find any misspelled words or broken links. Thanks.


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